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Chocolate gifts


Ballotin Grand - Chocolates

21.70 EUR

Currently not available


Box contains 20 delicious, handmade chocolates. A perfect gift for a sweet tooth. Each one is made with the best Belgian chocolate and great attention to quality. The box is wrapped in silver coloured paper and a black Chocolissimo ribbon as shown in the picture.

Net weight
250 g
 Package dimensions
135x95x60 mm
Price per 100g
8.68 EUR
Net Price
20.47 EUR

box of belgian chocolates

Elegance Mini - Chocolates

11.69 EUR

Chocolates in a wooden box

An exclusive wooden box made of African wood contains 4 delicious handmade pralines. Such a nice little present, for others or for yourself.

Net weight
50 g
 Package dimensions
89x87x37 mm
Price per 100g
23.38 EUR
Net Price
11.03 EUR

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Sweet Cake Mini - Chocolates

12.29 EUR

Cake shaped chocolates

The unique round cake-like box contains 5 delicious cake-shaped pralines and 1 round praline with truffle filling. The whole is bound with a blue ribbon. The set is ideally suited for weddings, weddings or as a birthday present.

The set contains the pralines with a filling selected from the following:

  • Ganache from bitter chocolate with crunchy beads
  • Ganache with cherries and chocolate mousse
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon 

Net weight
85 g
 Package dimensions
116x116x40 mm
Price per 100g
14.46 EUR
Net Price
11.59 EUR

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Premiere Mini - Chocolates

16.55 EUR

A wooden box with chocolates

10 handmade pralines, packed in a classic, but elegant, light wooden box.

Net weight
125 g
 Package dimensions
145x117x37 mm
Price per 100g
13.24 EUR
Net Price
15.61 EUR

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Create personalized, exceptional gifts

Give your chocolate individual character to make it one of its kind. In our offer you will find chocolates in customised packages with your photo, personalised engraved wooden boxes and chocolates with an edible print.

Chocolate present for all

Chocolate gifts

Delicious, high-quality chocolate gifts with exclusive personalisation options for companies.


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All the products under Chocolissimo brand owe their taste not only to the first rate ingredients and elaborate recipes, but also to the absence of any preservatives. In this regard no compromise is allowed.
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Handmade Belgian Pralines - explore the real world of chocolate

At Chocolissimo we pay attention to every detail to always delight your senses. Daily we strive to become the best online chocolate shop - in every aspect. We are committed to continually develope our product range, while maintaining our focus on each of our products individually. We offer exceptional handmade chocolates by the best European chocolatiers; chocolate gadgets and figurines, ideal for every present; chocolate milk in different flavors; chocolate bars with sophisticated tastes that deserve to be explored, or chocolate bars for chocolate gourmets. All our chocolates are made with 100% cocoa butter for a pure taste and a beautiful appearance. All our ingredients are of the highest quality.

For our chocolates, we strive to create packaging that matches their origins and tastes. This way we create a unique and perfectly composed product. In each of our products, we add a menu describing the taste of chocolates so that you can choose the flavours according your desires. Choose the best Chocolissimo chocolates, become a chocolate gourmet.

Christmas sets and gifts

Are you looking for a stylish gift for Christmas with the possibility to customise it and to add your company logo? We have an alternative offer of boxes and gifts, a set of Chocolissimo chocolates in metal Christmas boxes and a set of chocolate gifts in round boxes. Discover our full product range for Christmas.

Chocolate ideas for original and tasty gifts

Our chocolates are perfect gifts for all occasions and an ideal solution to all your gift worries. In addition to a wide selection of ideas for your gifts, we give you the opportunity to customize our products. You can add your photos to our praline packaging, print chocolates for your wedding that will add pleasure to your guests, customizable sets in which you can choose your favorite chocolates.

Our shop is the best chocolate shop online - online chocolate sales service and gift wrapping. You can receive your chocolate wrapped in gift paper, wrapped in a beautiful ribbon, put in an elegant bag and add a greeting card. We do our best to make your visit to our online shop, unforgettable.

Business Gifts for Business

Chocolissimo handmade chocolates are not only a great gift idea for your loved ones, but also offers a wide range of possibilities for companies, looking for a good and original product for a promotional campaign or as a gift for their employees. business partners or clients.

We have a wide range of ready-made ideas for your Christmas or Easter gifts. We can print your company logo on our chocolates, customize packaging and ribbons. We can adapt their shapes and flavours to your desires. Our chocolates have no limits. Contact our service dedicated to companies, they will prepare a quote, corresponding to your needs.
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