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Chocolate for Father's Day
Let your creativity run wild
Create your own chocolate

Create personalized, exceptional gifts

Give your chocolate individual character to make it one of its kind. In our offer you will find chocolates in customised packages with your photo, personalised engraved wooden boxes and chocolates with an edible print.

Chocolate inspiration

Chocolate inspiration

Become a real chocolate maker. Choose the shape, your preferred taste, the toppings and packaging. After that, there is only enjoyment. Creativity is 1 % transpiration, 99 % chocolate.

Unleash your creativity

Chocolate for every occasion

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All the products under Chocolissimo brand owe their taste not only to the first rate ingredients and elaborate recipes, but also to the absence of any preservatives. In this regard no compromise is allowed.
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​Choc & Play Tips - Create Your Unique Chocolate Bar

All those who wished to create the unique and ultimate chocolate bar will enjoy this with our Choc & Play configurator. You become your own master chocolatier. Prepare chocolate bars for yourself and to offer to your loved ones. Make your chocolate comfortably in front of your screen and let us send it to you wherever you want.

Create your chocolate bar with our configurator

To begin, choose the shape of your chocolate and its taste. If you want more than just one chocolate aroma, you can opt for a combination of two flavors. The chocolate combinations are not only particularly delicious, but also visually very pretty. A tablet in the shape of Christmas tree or Christmas ball will immerse you in the Christmas atmosphere, while a tablet in the shape of Easter bunny or Easter egg will immerse you in the magic of Easter. You will also find more classic shapes such as squares, hearts, a dinosaur, a car; that we offer throughout the year. Once you have found the shape of your tablet and its taste comes the round of trimmings. And we offer varieties as different as delicious. Dried fruits, aromatic spices, roasted hazelnuts or cashews, sweets, crushed cocoa beans and many other ingredients. Each new tablet will be a new adventure. And if you want luxury, we even offer you the opportunity to put gold leaves on your chocolate. And you can get a visual glimpse of what your toppings look like while waiting to be tasted. And you can even choose the packaging, whether it's an elegant wooden box, a special theme box or a unique packaging on which you can have a photo of your choice. Most of our packaging has a window so you can see what the chocolate looks like before unpacking. 

Professionally Produced: Handmade Chocolate Bars

For those who want a delicious tablet already made, chocolates CHOCOLISSIMO have already created variants of chocolate bars so that everyone can find happiness. Our Choc & Play chocolate bars are specially made for your order and sprinkled with the ingredients of your choice to guarantee the freshness of our chocolates. With nuts, dried fruits or decorative elements. - The different tastes of chocolate are represented in our categories and are easily findable. If you are looking for a chocolate for a special occasion, you will find your happiness. Christmas chocolates in the shape of a Christmas ball, sprinkled with walnuts and winter spices. Chocolate bars in the shape of a heart, even with a chocolate slab marked I LOVE YOU and lovingly decorated to declare your feelings. Chocolate bars for Easter and even for Halloween in the shape of a witch's hat.

Choc & Play Chocolate Bars to Offer on Every Occasion

Whether it's your personal creation or one of the chocolate bars we've already designed - milk chocolate or dark chocolate or white chocolate - it's sure to be a delicious treat. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, a baptism, Easter or Christmas. All our Choc & Play tablets are alcohol-free and appeal to both children and adults. Children are always happy to receive a dinosaur or flower-shaped chocolate bar decorated with haribo candies, colorful sequins or M & M's. No matter who you want to offer an outstanding chocolate bar, Men, Women or children. They will all be filled for sure by our delicious Choc & Play tablets!
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