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Chocolissimo – freshness without compromise

All the products under Chocolissimo brand owe their taste not only to the first rate ingredients and elaborate recipes, but also to the absence of any preservatives. In this regard no compromise is allowed.

Please note the short shelf life of CHOCOLISSIMO chocolates. It is the best guarantee of their freshness and the quality of the ingredients. Our chocolates are best preserved under 12 to 18 degrees of Celsius temperature range, with a humidity between 40-60 %.

If you plan to buy Chocolissimo products for a special occasion, we suggest placing an order a couple of days in advance. In case of any further quarries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service on info@chocolissimo.be.

Only the best

Mediocracy is not acceptable at Chocolissimo. All the products carrying Chocolissimo brand contain only the very best ingredients available on the market. All of our chocolates are made of 100 percent pure chocolate butter that grants the finest taste and look of our products. All of our chocolates are crafted by the masters of traditional chocolate making methods.
Most of the chocolate products on the market have little to do with what one would call good chocolate. In most cases cacao butter is replaced by vegetable fat, substitues are used instead of natural ingredients. Having spent some time on a shelf such products are apt to lose their freshness and taste.
We put our uttermost effort to ensure your satisfaction. In case we failed to meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: info@chocolissimo.be

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