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What is it?

We strive to make you enjoy your chocolate order from start to finish. Shipments with cooler is an additional option to create an optimal temperature for chocolates during shipping. Keeping a low temperature inside the delivery box depends on the outside temperature, the quantity of products ordered and the number of chillers placed inside.

How it works?

The COOLPACK (*) cooler is composed of a chemical substance (harmless for the environment), sealed in a plastic packaging. After a few hours in the freezer, it helps maintain a cool temperature inside a package.

Where can I find the cooling elements in my Chocolissimo store?

By going to the chiller section when you add a product to your cart, you can select the COOLPACK as an additional item at your command.

What does the refrigerated delivery guarantee give me?

The refrigerated transport option guarantees optimal conditions for the delivery of your chocolates. If despite the cooler, your chocolates arrive a little melted, we will refund your order. If you ever encounter such problems, contact us and send us a picture of your product with the order number at info@chocolissimo.be.

(*) The cooling element COOLPACK is filled with a non-toxic and food proof gel, which is water based and is not harmful to health. Nevertheless it is discouraged to use this product for consumption. After thoroughly cleaning the undamaged element, you can use it again for your own purposes.

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