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Porcelain dishes and chocolates

Elegant porcelain shapes and unique chocolate flavours — a match one cannot resist.


chocolaadjes met boordje

Piattino, porcelain plate

20.70 EUR

Currently not available

Neat porcelain plate with a "chocolate" Chocolissimo sign. It is perfect for serving four chocolates that are included in the kit. The subtle elegance of porcelain combined with the highest quality pralines can surprise even the most demanding palates. The plate was made in the factory whose traditions date back to the nineteenth century.

Net weight
50 g
 Package dimensions
205x205x95 mm
Price per 100g
41.40 EUR
Net Price
19.53 EUR

Hot chocolate with a cup

22.39 EUR

Hot chocolate

A unique, ceramic thermal cup with together with excellent chocolate callets which allows you to create delicious hot chocolate. The cup has double ceramic walls, for better thermal insulation, and comfortable silicone lid.

Net weight
200 g
 Package dimensions
157x138x102 mm
Price per 100g
11.20 EUR
Net Price
21.12 EUR

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chocolaadjes van Étagère Grande set

Etagere Grande & Chocolates

85.19 EUR

Porcelain Etagere Grande with pralines

Two square plates superimposed (traditional manufacturing since 1844) with a chocolate motif Chocolissimo printed and 30 chocolates.

Net weight
360 g
 Package dimensions
320x290x95 mm
Price per 100g
23.66 EUR
Net Price
80.37 EUR

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