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Chocolate Inspirations

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Smartphone van chocolade

Chocolate smartphone

8.37 EUR

Chocolate figure

Delicious, chocolate Smartphone made from the highest quality chocolate. This sweet chocolate will be a great gift for all lovers of gadgets, regardless of age. The phone is made of milk chocolate and closed in white, stylized package.

Net weight
40 g
 Package dimensions
145x110x30 mm
Price per 100g
20.93 EUR
Net Price
7.90 EUR

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All the products under Chocolissimo brand owe their taste not only to the first rate ingredients and elaborate recipes, but also to the absence of any preservatives. In this regard no compromise is allowed.
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The word chocolate is not just a name for a product made from cocoa paste. At CHOCOLISSIMO it's a whole universe! It concerns not only different varieties such as milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate, but the place of production of cocoa beans, the drying, the roasting of seeds and all these phases which give our different chocolates the delicate aromas of which they are enriched. At CHOCOLISSIMO we are proud to work with world-renowned chocolatiers who ensure the high quality of our products. Our dark chocolates have a cocoa content of at least 75% and are made from cocoa beans from the best cocoa farms. For our white chocolates, we only use high quality cocoa butter. The cocoa paste is made from high quality ingredients.

Pleasure! It is the most important!

The possibilities of variation of our chocolates are endless. But they all have one thing in common: you will not be able to find them in supermarkets. The tablets of the "The Bar Experience" series are appealing in their elegant appearance combined with their original flavor such as cloves or nutmeg. Like the chocolates of the series "Michel Cluizel". The chocolates of the luxury French chocolatier range from classic creations such as white chocolate with vanilla to more intense variations such as dark chocolate with the delicate scent of orange.

In our range "ChocoExtreme" you can discover unusual combinations, such as milk chocolate bars, white or black, sprinkled with pink pepper, chilli or lavender. Our chocolate-coated nuts and nuts are real delights both visually and tastefully thanks to their chocolate coating and decorations.

Almost too beautiful to be eaten: our chocolate figurines. Whether it's a sports car, a motorcycle, a Stiletto chocolate shoe or a chocolate phone, every product is synonymous with a delicious moment. Even lovers of truffles will find their happiness, because our truffles are made from high quality ingredients and have delicate flavors. And for your cravings for hot chocolate, we have our range of "ChocoSticks" that will delight you.

Each his chocolate

Of course, receiving chocolates as a gift is always pleasant. But sometimes these must be adapted to the recipient. For this we have found the perfect solution in our products Chocotélégramme and Choc & Play. The chocolate telegrams combine a delicious Belgian chocolate with your message. There are many ways to send your messages with chocolate. By choosing a message already prepared by us. Or write your own chocolate message through our configurator, choosing the size of the message and its packaging. The real question is: will the recipient be able to read the entire message before succumbing to the desire to eat the chocolate letters?

For those who want something more creative and want to give free rein to their imagination, we especially thought of the configurator Choc & Play. You can create your own chocolate bars. You can choose the shape, be it a heart, a flower or a dinosaur you will necessarily find something that suits you. Choose the taste of your chocolate, whether it is a chocolate bar or a chocolate mixture (eg milk chocolate and white chocolate). And finally make your chocolate even more unique by adding ingredients such as dried strawberries, curry powder or heart-shaped candies. With our tablets Choc & Play all will find their happiness.

The thing that telegrams and chocolate bars Choc & Play have in common: They are specially made for you and so gives you an extra guarantee of freshness.
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