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Engraving - Our realisations

Printing and pressing

Printing - Our realisations

Boxes with individual printing

oxes - Our realisations

Banderoles, labels and notes

Banderoles - Our realisations

Ribbons with print

Ribbons - Our realisations

Print on chocolate

Print on chocolate- Our realisations

Extensive services

A wide range of services and options are availlable to you, our client. Including:


Practically all Chocolissimo products can be personalised in different ways. Amongst other things, you can print or engrave a logo on the wooden boxes, you can add a banderol or you can personalise the complete packaging, fully according your wishes or design. Stickers are possible, just as ribbons, which can also be personalised. You can add a greeting card, with or without envelope. Our own graphic department is at your service to assist you in realising your dream packaging.

Gift wrapping

The majority of the Chocolissimo products can be wrapped in gift paper. You can tie it with a ribbon and / or add a card. Make a real gift out of it.

Special services

At Chocolissimo we want to make things easy for you, that is why we introduce to you our special services. It is possible to individually pack your corporate gifts in dispatching boxes, addresse them with lables and send them individually. This way you can stay focussed on your core business.

Safe transport

All your corporate gifts will be packed professionally, adding protective material, so your chocolate and personalised packaging will be received intact.


We are using different couriers to delivery your order safely and in time. This can be at your address, but also at your end client or at every individual person for who the gift is intended.

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