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Chocolissimo - perfect for many occasions!

At Chocolissimo we are carefully prepared for every occasion! We are working diligently throughout the year to create souvenirs from your logo. each time unique.

Every season or occasion

For every season or occasion

For each important season or occasion we create a new collections of specially dedicated products. We can offer you wooden or metal boxes filled with chocolate pralines of the highest quality with your logo engraved or printed on it. A good chocolate is always an appreciated gift.



Elegant meetings, successful cooperation, exceptional client — whenever you want to thank anyone in a sublte and classy way — in Chocolissimo we can offer you a number of original and slylish ways to express your gratitude.

Promotion of a new product

Promotion of a new product

If you're willing to promote your products, we offer attractive ways of presenting them to your customers with a sweet addition.

Finding new clients

Finding new clients

Getting in touch with new clients can be even sweeter – if you were looking for new client or a partner, use a chocolate business card or a chocolate with your logo to improve the impression that you correspondence makes.

Exhibitions and conferneces

Exhibitions and conferences

Chocolate invitation to a party, little presents expressing your thanks or elegant treats with your logo — in Chocolissimo you will find a wide range of products that will help you to impress your partners.

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