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The chocolate factory Zaabär was founded in 2007 by Jean-François Decarpentrie. "Zaabär", inspired by the bazaars of Istanbul, is an innovative concept. That of the combination of Belgian chocolate with spices from around the world. Zaabärs chocolates encourage you to travel thanks to the enriching sources of  flavors  and emotions.

More than just a taste innovation, the Zaabär chocolate factory is also innovating by creating, in October 2008, the Zaabär Factory Shop: a space dedicated to chocolate, which serves both as a production site and as a store. This beautiful space of 600 m² invites visitors to explore the craft of chocolate processing through workshops. All productions are sold in our store.

Since 2009, the chocolate factory Zaabär organizes guided tours and courses on site. Companies, schools, tourists and individuals are invited to take courses where they will learn how to make truffles or spicy chocolate bars.

The chocolate factory Zaabär sells its chocolate throughout the world. In Belgium, of course, but also in France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan ... in delicatessens and quality banquet shops.

The Zaabär factory has been completely redesigned in Summer 2018 and is now becoming the new Chocolissimo & Zaabär store: a tremendous space entirely dedicated to chocolate experiences, which serves both as a workshop and a store. This new beautiful space of 600 m² invites visitors to explore the chocolate world through lots of public and private workshops.

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Freshness without compromise
All the products under Chocolissimo brand owe their taste not only to the first rate ingredients and elaborate recipes, but also to the absence of any preservatives. In this regard no compromise is allowed.
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