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Christmas presents

Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar Merry Christmas Red

41.61 EUR

Advent Calendar

December is truly a magical time. And counting down towards Christmas is for sure a part of it. This Advent Calendar will certainly contribute to that.
A beautiful red Advent Calendar with golden decorations. The 24 doors each hide a delicious praline without alcohol. That is real enjoyment, day after day, until Christmas.

  • An elegant red Advent Calendar with golden accents.
  • Behind the doors 24 pralines.
  • The pralines do not contain alcohol.
A magnificent present for big and small, which will make every day a little more pleasant.
Also suitable as corporate gift.

Net weight
288 g
 Package dimensions
301x222x34 mm
Price per kg
14.45 EUR
Net Price
39.25 EUR

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Adventskalender met napolitains

Tricolor Advent Calendar - Chocolate

14.07 EUR

Advent calendar with chocolat

A nice tradition, counting down to that cosy period called Christmas. And for that, this Advent calendar is perfectly suited.
The red with golden Advent calendar is double-sided and has 12 doors on each side.
Behind each door is a square-shaped chocolate hidden, made from dark chocolate. These napolitans are decorated with figures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and stars.

  • An elegant Advent calendar.
  • Filled with chocolate napolitans with Christmas decorations.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
A beautiful advent calendar that will be enjoyed by young and old, day after day, up to when it's Christmas.
Also used as corporate gift.

Net weight
180 g
 Package dimensions
180x143x34 mm
Price per kg
7.82 EUR
Net Price
13.27 EUR

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Advent Book Black - Merry Christmas - Chocolate

25.16 EUR

Currently not available

Advent Calendar

Counting down to Christmas, so much fun. And this is possible with this fantastic black and white Advent calendar.
The Advent calendar is book-shapes and has 24 doors. Behind those you will find delicious chocolate, 22 napolitans and 2 chocolate figures, all made from the best Belgian chocolate.
The black with white book-shaped Advent calendar has nice Merry Christmas wishes on the front.

  • A white with black coloured Advent calendar in the shape of a book.
  • Behind the doors you will find 22 chocolate napolitans and 2 chocolate figures.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
An advent calendar that will amaze everyone. And the chocolate will be enjoyed.
Can also be used as a corporate gift.

Net weight
185 g
 Package dimensions
220x142x56 mm
Price per kg
13.60 EUR
Net Price
23.74 EUR

Plastic free

Chocolate bar Advent Calendar

8.52 EUR

Advent Calendar

The easiest and most original Advent calendar of all. This one is it, in the shape of a chocolate bar, made from Belgian milk chocolate with 33 % cocoa. Every cube is numbered so you can break one every day and enjoy the countdown towards Christmas.
The chocolate Advents bar is packed in a eco-friendly package, which is made of 70% new fibers (cellulose pulp) and 30% recycled fibers. The minimal use of plastic will give Less Waste.

  • A milk chocolate bar in the shape of an Advent Calendar.
  • Packed in paper and a cardboard box, without plastic.
  • Does not contain alcohol.

This unique Advent calendar in the shape of a chocolate bar will make counting down to Christmas a lot more sweet and pleasant.

Net weight
120 g
 Package dimensions
148x110x16 mm
Price per kg
7.10 EUR
Net Price
8.04 EUR

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